Upgrading lighting and other facility electrical systems with energy-efficient technologies provides both long term positive cash flow and immediate savings. With energy-efficient lighting upgrades and retrofits, group re-lamping and the installation of lighting controls, Blackwater Electric has the expertise to maximize the power of quality lighting for your facility.

Inside and out, dusk to dawn, our lighting and electrical specialists will accommodate all of your lighting maintenance needs. We have the technical knowledge and competent staff to install and maintain your lighting, and perhaps more importantly, to help you keep it performing to specification so that you can glean all of the cost and energy savings available.

At Blackwater Electric, your facility’s energy management and efficiency are our highest priority. As a team of lighting specialists, we are the leaders in southeastern U.S. in providing innovative solutions to your lighting needs. We have a feet-on-the-ground, real world understanding of these technologies, and will make understanding your facility’s needs a top priority. Merging these applications into a lighting system that meets your unique needs offers reduced utility costs, optimal color temperature, reduced glare and color rendering properties, and/or energy conservation.

Blackwater Electric provides complete turnkey industrial lighting solutions from design to installation to emergency maintenance and repair. Our electrical engineers develop cost-effective and innovative solutions for government, business and industrial facility lighting, dimming, and high/low voltage lighting applications.

Our Typical Lighting Projects include:

  • Industrial – Warehouse Lighting Design and Installation
  • LEED Lighting Layout & Installations
  • High/Low HID Fixtures
  • Airfield and Runway Lighting
  • Parking Lot, Street and Site Lighting
  • Light System Removals
  • Environmental Lighting
  • Retail, Atmosphere, Low Voltage, Accent & Track, Energy Efficient and Indirect Lighting
  • Dimming & Photo-electric Controls.

Our highly trained staff allows us the opportunity to deliver superior and reliable services, and allows you to realize the full benefits of an optimal lighting system.