Power quality is a major concern for continuous processes that cannot allow for electrical power down time. As such, generators, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) and frequency drives are extremely important electrical backup components in today’s computer driven business, medical, and institutional environments.

Blackwater Electric’s skilled electrical engineering and technical team designs, installs, services and maintains:

  • All Commercial & Industrial Grade UPS’s
  • Commercial and/or Diesel Generators
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Rectifiers
  • Variable Frequency Drives & Related Equipment

We take into consideration solutions for differing power maintenance characteristics that can include the length of extended operating time during power sags, cost of power backup systems implementation, and even floor space requirements.

With Blackwater Electric power quality and frequency drive solutions, you can expect results that are consistently outstanding. Just ask our federal government, Navy and hospital clients about the precision and innovation they’ve come to expect from the Blackwater Electric team.

Our highly-skilled, DOD-experienced workforce stands ready to support the U.S. Armed Forces on any project requiring energy management controls, power quality, and power supply.

We know that data communications, building automation and higher speed transmission of every kind of date are dependent on the availability, affordability and quality of power. And, at Blackwater Electric, we stand ready to work with you in testing, measuring and designing the innovative solution that is right for your unique needs. Power quality and building automation are services that drive revenue for our clients – specifically by isolating problems before they can occur. As we continue into every increasingly sensitive electronics and computer-based components, the importance of power quality and supply in your facility/organization intensifies. Let Blackwater Electric walk you through the future with “beyond current” technologies and our proven professionalism.

So, call us before the lights go out. Commercial, industrial and government organizations across southeastern U.S. rely on Blackwater Electric to literally keep the lights on. We offer a wide range of proactive power quality analysis and solutions to help keep your facilities running at maximum efficiency and safety, as well as monitoring solutions for current and load.