Safety and Health Management Philosophy

Strong leadership in safety and health is recognized as a mechanism for high performing adherence, trust, respect, and organizational commitment to a safety program.  Blackwater Electric’s vision of Safety and Health comes from a genuine desire to affect and impact people’s lives. The vision of excellence includes no finish line. We continue to challenge ourselves through self-auditing, implementation of new technology, and relationship reinforcement with our staff and clients. Safety excellence is achieved through a collective effort of staff leading by example, empowering employees, steadfast behaviors, prompt attention to hazard control, and consistency in relationships.

 Strong Leadership – What you accept is what you teach. This statement drives home the value of a strong leader. Turning a blind eye or leading with no intention is teaching failure. Strong leadership has many other factors to it. A strong leader serves with purpose, is humble, confident, captures trust, and recognizes needs. A main factor in being a great leader is the intentional pursuit of service. Being a strong leader is serving others to their benefit, not one’s own. A strong leader understands and reads emotion with depth, but acts with a balance of logic. In the “Art of War”, Sun Tzu states “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.” (Tzu, 2007) Being humble, giving respect, and obtaining trust are critical aspects in a successful organization.

Self-Auditing – Auditing is the self-awareness that an organization can always provide more to the safety and health of its employees. Auditing is simply ensuring that the policies, procedures, and processes are performing effectively. Auditing is successful through a collaborative effort of internal review, investigative research, peer involvement, reporting, and safety committees.

 Relationship Reinforcement, Consistency and Empowerment – These three factors are resources provided by strong leaders. Relationship reinforcement is building connection with peers and staff by providing resources through giving one’s time, consideration, positive encouragement, and practicing clear communication. Consistency in safety management is being confident in decisions, applying standards equally, and walking the talk. These three factors drive empowerment of peers and staff. They shall be empowered through open communication, providing educational growth, involvement, and rewarding performance with acknowledgment.

Prompt Attention to Hazard Control – This is highly detailed in concept, but simple in application. Two major factors are looming in hazard control, preventive/post hazard analysis and stop work procedures. Prompt attention to both factors and implementation by staff drive injury prevention. Addressing staff concerns in a quick and reasonable manner also supports a culture of mutual respect and trust.

High performing safety management is a gift that is worth striving for; it protects life, family, business, and future. We have used these tools and methods to maintain a record without lost time or recordable injury. These efforts not only translate to a safer workplace, but also to customer savings, world-class insurance mod-rates, and opportunity.

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