At Blackwater Electric safety is our primary concern. That’s why we have a company wide goal of zero injuries and incidents on every job we perform. Through constant reiteration of our safety procedures, immediate response to all unsafe acts, and positive reinforcement of safe behavior, we have been highly successful in reduction of higher-risk activities. Our Safety Record works for you with a reduction in our E.M.R. and lowered insurance costs, a savings which we pass on to the customer, as well as the personal comfort of finishing each day accident free.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards form the basis of our electrical safety rules. These standards are drawn from the National Electrical Code (NEC), National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and from other consensus bodies. All of our employees are familiar with these requirements as they apply to their areas of work.

We have a full-time Safety Department that is responsible for the safety and health of our workers. Each employee has certain training requirements to keep current on for

their specific qualification. With the use of sitedocs we are able to interact with each foreman to provide them with interactive forms needed to that specific job.

At Blackwater Electric, we know that a safety program is only as effective as the level of management support. Blackwater Electric’s safety program is backed by a strong leadership commitment. Further, we believe that safety management, training and policy development is both an art and a science; ours has been developed and refined based on an explored knowledge of effective training programs, on-the-job training and through consultation. We know that the way work is
performed in and around an electrical power system is just as important as the way safety equipment is used. As such, Blackwater Electric’s Safety Director works with consultants to review and update current policies and procedures – all based on industry-accepted practices, in order to guarantee the highest possible level of safety performance.

Blackwater Electric recognizes that safety is the most important aspect of our business. We owe it to our employees and our customers to maintain the highest of standards when it comes to safe working conditions and methods.