Blackwater Electric works with companies, municipalities, and the federal government to successfully design, deliver, and maintain all phases of substation and transformer electrical construction. We specialize in electrical systems and cabling designed to operate up to 34.5 kV.

Our team takes into consideration all aspects of medium voltage design and implementation, including: regulatory and environmental requirements, general design considerations, application of switching and power equipment, fault calculations, safe grounding design, protection/control, automation and communication, and preventative maintenance.

As a leader in the installation and maintenance of new distribution systems, we stay up to date on technologies so that we can obtain optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for every client, including: many government, industrial, and commercial organizations.

One of those clients is the United States Navy. Over the years, we’ve continued to support their overall electrical transmission and distribution construction priorities through our wide range of services:

  • Medium Voltage Substation Installation
  • Infrared Acceptance Testing
  • Transformers
  • Medium Voltage Cable Repair and Installation
  • Duct Bank, Conduit, Cable Termination and Splicing Installations
  • Gas & Oil Filled Switches
  • Voltage Circuit Breakers and Regulators
  • Relays, Instrument Transformers & Meters
  • Grounding Systems
  • Ground-Fault Protection Systems
  • Motors and Generators
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Emergency Systems
  • Reclosers & Line Sectionalizers

Let our leadership teams and crews deliver cutting edge technologies to design specifications and drawings, effectively and efficiently schedule projects, manage strict quality control, and deliver safety and success with your project.

“ Blackwater’s expertise and professionalism in executing both medium voltage and underground distribution work is very evident and was key to our ability to successfully turn the project over to the Owner. ” – Craig Shadle, CFO for RQ Construction