Blackwater Electric’s qualified electrical linemen and electricians possess extensive experience with constructing, refurbishing, and maintaining power utility overhead lines for industrial clients throughout the US Mid-Atlantic region. Our focused experience allows us to provide: line distribution design, installation, voltage conversions, and maintenance of primary and secondary systems, along with underground network and URD design services for network duct projects and feeder design up to 34 kV.

Our other services include:

  • In-house Installation and Management
  • Overhead Power Survey and Design
  • Overhead Line Construction
  • Tower and Pole Design
  • Existing Line Refurbishment and Maintenance
  • Overhead Fiber-Optic Installation
  • Line Condition Assessments
  • Technical Appraisals & Design Risk Analysis
  • Site Safety Management
  • Grid Connection Management
  • And more

As an industry leader, we’ve developed long-term relationships with government and industrial clients such as: Norfolk Southern, International Paper Company, and large general contractors working for the federal government. Simply put, Blackwater Electric’s team improves the reliability of our clients’ distribution systems–significantly reducing the number of unplanned outages due to pole failures.

We work closely to ensure the highest levels of safety, environmental stewardship, and the proper energizing of each project.