Blackwater Electric is a leading solar energy facility contractor–providing engineering, construction and power-system integration services for government, industrial, and commercial clients. To help you meet growing needs for clean, sustainable power and ongoing energy conservation, we’ll take the lead on design, build, expansion, and maintenance of efficient, cost-effective solar energy facilities.

Key Benefits of Commercial and Government Solar Energy:

  1. 30% tax benefit with no cap
  2. Up to $4.50/W rebate depending on utility company
  3. 5 year accelerated depreciation
  4. Decreased operating costs
  5. Loan interest deductions
  6. Benefits of “green” building stewardship

Our skilled technicians provide expert installation of solar energy technologies with superior energy capture, operational flexibility and smart grid integration. And our management team is continually researching the latest evolution of all renewable energy power electronics (including wind), so that we may provide the highest quality of service and expertise.

We capitalize on relationships with equipment providers to cost-effectively offer materials, properly size the facility, plan the infrastructure, and construct to exact specifications and connect to the electric grid.

Delivering turnkey solar energy solutions and optimized-collection systems that meet financial and power-supply requirements is our number one priority. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art photovoltaic facilities that reduce energy costs through the effective use of sunlight, and to delivering on-time, on-budget solutions that maximize your ROI.